Monday, June 4, 2018

Etsy Monday BlankInsideDesign -- What happened when I ordered

I talk a lot about Etsy sellers, so this Monday, I wanted to talk a little bit about what happened when I ordered an assortment of gift wrap from Etsy seller, BlankInsideDesign.

I chose three different designs - flamingo, dot and fish.
Ordering at Etsy was easy, and even though the paper was coming from England to Florida, it arrived in decent time. It came in a mailing tube, wrapped in tissue paper to protect the paper, a nice touch I appreciated.  ( I re-used the tissue paper in my gift - pretty stuff!) 

Each sheet of wrapping paper was big enough to wrap an average sized gift -- for me, I used one to wrap two pair of jeans and a shirt. 

The paper was thick, but I was able to fold it and make my corners okay.  The colors were vibrant -- pretty much as pictured on the Etsy site. The finish on the paper was very matte - no shine, it really just looked like thick printed paper, rather than your usual commercial wrapping paper that usually has a satin or gloss finish.

I wrapped the gift with some ribbon I had left over from a project. (It really isn't a coincidence that the ribbon matched so well,  coral pink is a favorite color for me.)

Each sheet had a matching gift tag. I used my fish tag on a gift bag that I was re-using for the other gifts that were too small and random-sized to wrap in a hurry. All in all, a nice choice for a birthday present. Thanks BlankInsideDesign, love your wrapping paper!

Here's my end result.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lia Griffith does Father's Day Gift Wrapping

Lia Griffith does new designs for gift wrapping and tags for each holiday.  These are printable! The theme this year is outdoorsy.

Sign up for Lia's email list to get year round designs

 There are a lot of other great designs on the site:

Friday, May 18, 2018

Wrapper of the Week Fishlips

It's starting to feel like summer. Hazy, hot days at the beach -- hopefully a beach not covered by tons of plastic as we saw on National Geographic's Instagram over the last week. Fishlips has pretty, eco-friendly beachy designs that you can get through her online shop or Etsy.

Dirty Martini. Cute name.
Pretty hexagon pattern.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Etsy Monday New Frontier does Father's Day gift tags

I hope all you moms were given your due yesterday. I love having a whole day where the people I love agree with everything I say!

Looking ahead to Father's Day, I found these great gift tags on Etsy at a shop called The New Frontier.   She has a lot of tags, some are upcycled. Here's what the shop owner says about them:

"Tags are  punched from rescued cardboard sleeves that come with a product we use a lot of. The cardboard is clean and a beautiful craft brown. These tags also look great with a simple stamped theme. 

Large size gift tags on tan card stock, acid free. 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches"

I love the way these look, and imagine using them with black ribbon and kraft paper for Dad's Day. I also have some white shelf paper I like to use for clean looking gifts, and re-using maps would also work well here.

Great car tag
Like this for Dad's Day and for social activists
This would look good as a tag on recycled map gift wrapping

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Etsy Monday stephaniecoleDESIGN

I love this designer! Charming designs on eco-friendly paper.
"British designer-maker Stephanie Cole's work predominantly explores nature and the shapes, patterns and colours which excite her most. Inspirations come from a fruitful mixture of farmer's markets, British hedgerows and thought-provoking proverbs and words of wisdom..."

great card for a mom
Great card for a new mom
Such great gift wrap.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Getting Ready for Mom Day

One more week to Mother's Day here in the US. Second Sunday of May is rolling up. Here are some gift wrap ideas that hopefully you can squeeze in before the big day --

I love the simplicity of this pretty package.  And if you follow this link, there are some great ideas for gifts that don't require ordering!
I always like plants. I am a Mom. Therefore, Moms always like plants! OK, maybe that logic won't help you pass an I.Q. test, but this wrapping idea is cute. Use eco-friendly ribbon or fabric scraps you have that your mother probably gave you anyway.

pinterest idea! 
So you probably don't have time to order gift wrap at this point, but this neat Gift Wrap store is really good. Nashville Wraps has eco-friendly materials and great designs. I like gift bags, always good for that last minute gift.

Watercolor Greenery paper bags are made from 100% recycled white kraft paper. Bags are 100% recyclable and contain minimum 40% PCW content and carry the Green Way ® logo. This beautiful print features lovely shades of blue and green. Available in bulk cartons, mini packs and an assortment.
And just because I love this:

SF Paper Goods has this design.
Hearts and hugs to all the moms.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Etsy Monday - Clara and Macy Baby Wrap

Revisiting a favorite shop of mine. Of course, in honor of Earth Day and every day, this shop uses eco-friendly materials.  Clara and Macy designs are beyond charming.  You can buy great gift wrapping sets at this shop - Each gift wrap set is available in a set of two sheets with two tags, a set of four sheets with four tags, a set of ten sheets with ten tags, or a set of twenty sheets with twenty tags, and matching ribbon or twine is available as well. This new baby design is really adorable.

So, so cute. 
You can also get a personalized gift tag for new to the world arrivals.

Cute, and good inspiration
Finally, this rainy day gift wrap called to me.

a cheerful counterpoint to rain
I have noted that many of my favorite shops are located in the United Kingdom and thought about the ethics of ordering something eco-friendly from someplace that needs many planes and trains to get to me. My first conclusion was that patronizing any shop anywhere that makes the effort to source eco-friendly materials is better than buying from and  perpetuating marketplaces that don't care about the issue.  However, since I want to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, I am going to start to research carbon offsets.  At first blush, it seems like a pretty good idea - is one of the places I want to check out. Turns out that a lot of the carbon footprint plans  involve planting trees, and that is something I am in a position to personally do. So I will figure out what makes the most sense. For the environment, it seems clear that it is the little bits that add up to good, just as it was the little bits that unthinkingly added up to bad. The difference comes from how many of us choose to try.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I love wrapping with a pocket. Brit and Co gives you the instructions on how to do it with fabric/a tea towel.

yarn and a tea towel

Pretty double gift.
I like these pretty, hand-screened, organic cotton towels from LittleCityDesigns on Etsy as a great option to use as a tea towel/gift wrap.

Agapanthus Design - Set of Two
More pretty agapanthus
LittleCity Designs does apparel, floursack tea towels and other prints.  Here is what they say about themselves:

"Little City Designs is a little company in the little city of Ventura. We are artists who design and hand print clothing and create custom works of art for print and screen media for businesses and individuals. 

We are a husband and wife team who are sometimes lucky enough to work with good friends too. Newlyweds and new to business, we have been designing and creating art for years and have just begun to take on our own silk screen and letterpress printing.

For both of us art and design are a passion. With each piece we try to create something that's better than anything we've ever made before and we are always seeking new materials and new inspiration."

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Wrapper of the Week - Lia Griffith

Here' s a wrapper who has been doing beautiful work for a very long time. Gift wrap is only a small portion of Lia Griffith's lifestyle blog, but her designs are top of class. This is a site to get lost on, bookmark, follow, etc. etc. Absolutely the go to place for:
11 x 17 downloadable giftwrap paper in great designs
Matching gift tags
Cards, tags and flowers that are begging to be on a package 
 Mother's Day is coming up and she has some great Scandinavian inspired designs.

I love these tags - download them!
And here is the pretty gift wrap, also downloadable, you can use the tags with.
On top of the really great selection of paper and tag designs, she has videos you can follow on lots of topics including gift wrapping. Besides basics, she has:

A pretty marbled paper how to

Tying a pretty Tiffany bow! 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Etsy Monday Welcome Spring with Paper Sprouts

After a blissful hour in the Home Depot garden section going up and down the annual and perennial aisles, I have flowers and plants on the mind. (Does anyone else unstress that way?)  Paper Sprouts makes the cutest seed bomb flowers/plants.  They could be used as gifts themselves, or you can use these great little seed embedded flowers to embellish your gift wrap.

Each paper flower is between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 inches in diameter, and embedded with seeds.
You can plant the flower and end up with flowers or herbs! The shredded packaging can be used when planting.

planting instructions can be found via the etsy site
There is a very cute version that looks like succulents, but the seeds embedded are still flower seeds.

This would be so pretty instead of a bow on a package
One gift set offers a mix. The red or pink flowers are made with paper that contains a mix of the following seeds: English Daisy, Snapdragon, Clarkia, Catchfly, Bird's Eye, Black-eyed Susan, and Sweet Alyssum

The white or cream flowers are made from paper that has a mix of the following herb seeds: basil, parsley and oregano

Perfect to add to a gift for a cook or gardener.
Finally, she offers a less expensive option where you can buy cute little 1 inch butterflies,  again with wildflower seeds embedded. These would look amazing across a gift or card.

About the size of a quarter.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Etsy Monday BlankInsideDesign

Here's some pretty spring wrapping! I just ordered these designs from this great shop in London, BlankInsideDesign. Vivid, graphic design and bright colors, how perfect for spring and summer gift wrapping:

Super cute goldfish!

Great illustration
I love this pattern called "Seed"
And I cannot resist a good flamingo --

Great colors
Here's what the shop owner says about her shop and business:

All the illustrations you see are created, painted, drawn & scribbled by me, Liz Temperley, hello!

I design with the aim to make people smile taking inspiration from the natural world, "being British", food and the random musings of everyday life. Creating unique, colourful & whimsical illustrations that often feature a witty caption!

If I use a supplier to help manufacture the greetings cards, mugs & textiles they'll be UK based, hopefully this means we're all doing our bit to support British industry! 

I live in London.

Colour makes me happy x

Made me happy too, Thanks Liz.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Wrapper of the Week Museum Studio

I wanted to get back into posting about wrapping, and found this great shop to start with.
Collage Cuts Tobacco

We go to museums to satisfy our natural tendency to seek out impact through art and culture. We want to build something that incorporates this powerful sense into more of your surrounding life. We want to inspire the same sense of awe and appreciation into our products without the preciousness or sterility that is the wall between you and the creation.
Founded in 2016 by Shane Quinn and Johnna West, MUSEUM is a design studio and brand focused on offering utility and function in minimal simplicity and modern form. We believe quality and purposeful design should be inherently accessible in your everyday life.

It is important to us that we create products that are as useful and environmentally-friendly as they are beautiful. We maintain a deep consideration for the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet, which is why we carefully source and evaluate every material and ingredient.
All of our cards are letterpress printed in the USA using the highest quality materials and sustainable printing practices. Our Aura Mists & Plant Elixir have been carefully hand-crafted using only premium ingredients that are safe for you and your body as well as the environment. We use pure essential oils, botanical elements and all-natural components that are free of harmful chemicals, additives, and toxins.
We also use recyclable and reusable packaging, work with US-based manufacturers when feasible, and are continuously assessing the materials and methods of each project, always looking to create the most natural and sustainable products possible."
A lot of gift wrap skews girly or cute. Museum's design options are sophisticated and work for anyone.

Some more favorites:

Grid Red

Brushstrokes "Pink"

Happy Wrapping!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Etsy Monday Studio Karamelo

StudioKaramelo has some very pretty wrapping paper and stamps for Christmas.  I was at a paper store last week and saw some wonderful stamping with heat embossing, so I am now on the hunt for particularly pretty stamps.

Here is what the shop owner says about her process:
On rubber & paper.Leaves and branches meet dots and lines. Floral meets geometrical.Pebble stones in my jacket nuzzling between my fingers, clacking softly, the hackly tangle of hedges having no beginning and no ending. A knobbed bough with moos, a fine structured umbel, an abstract alga, a winterly seed head. A fascinating beauty reveals in these simple shapes and pattern. I am taken with the lines of nature, those who are not exact and straight but nevertheless well-shaped.And dots. Again and again.That's karamelo.
With pencil and indian ink my motifs come onto paper. Handdrawn. Afterwards they are lasered out of rubber stamp or printed with pigment on paper.I do not only find my inspiration in nature, also the used materials are mostly made out of ecological resources without chemical additions.As possible all products and packaging are produced environmentally friendly and sustainable."

Pretty, modern christmas stamps
Great christmas assortment of stamps

Pretty conifer wrapping

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wrapper of the Week - Wrappily for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is coming -- otherwise known as Wrapping Olympics.  Time to feature ecofriendly wrapping paper makers who have really pretty wrapping! As I write this, Wrappily has a number of their designs on sale. Since a lot of those designs happen to be my favorites this is a great opportunity!

Stags and Birch

Mix it up with other designs
Like Festive Forest & Snowflake Confetti!
This store has a real commitment to ecofriendly wrapping using  fun, modern design.  At this time of the year, mindful shopping is important.  Where our dollars go determines the future of stores like Wrappily that are trying to determine the future of our environment.  Wrapping should be a mix of re-using, recycling other objects in creative ways, and when you do buy, buy from a store/manufacturer mindful of its impact on the environment.

Six coordinating gift wraps in this set!