Monday, June 19, 2017

Wrapper of the week: Smock

There are many, many good reasons to support stores like Smock.  I don't think I can describe them better than they do themselves:

"This is how we do business.

We print sustainably; doing things all responsible printers should do. We use only  vegetable oil based and low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) inks. We use low-VOC and citrus-based solvents. We recycle our photo chemistry, film, paper offcuts, and photopolymer printing plates. Empty ink cans and old rags are kept out of landfills. We recycle and compost our waste. We use recycled packaging materials and reuse packing materials from our vendors. We donate surplus paper and envelopes to our local public schools.  We package our custom work in keepsake boxes made in NY  from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.
We print on Bamboo paper. Bamboo is a truly sustainable and renewable resource, generating up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, and absorbing 4 times the carbon as well. It’s the fastest growing plant on this planet; it grows without pesticides or fertilizers; and it requires very little water to grow. Bamboo also makes the prettiest paper out there. Today, we partner with a historic New England  paper mill to develop a pesticide-free, fertilizer-free, fine artisan paper just for us. Our bamboo paper is extremely soft, luxuriously thick, and elegantly textured. It’s also perfect for letterpress. 
We actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and are entirely wind-powered through Native Energy. We offer bus passes to employees to encourage public transportation usage. We subsidize Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships with a local organic farm, because we believe our food shouldn’t have to travel 1,500 miles to reach us."

Their choices in gift wrap are beautiful and beautifully done. I particularly like their double sided options, as they say, all printed on bamboo paper.

This two sided "ink" gift wrap is beautiful.

Eco friendly, sustainable gift wrap

2 sheets, each 24 " x 36"
They also have gift boxes. I was just thinking about how gift boxes were probably the best possible solution for wrapping. Easy to use and much easier to re-use, beautiful gift boxes justify investing a little more in something that can get used again and again for the best possible presentation. Swap in some beautiful ribbons and gift tags and you are done!

I love this option! It's like a gift around your gift!
Their tags are beautiful too.

Pretty and special.

All of the short sighted things done that have led to climate change were motivated at least in part by economics. Somewhere, consumers wanted better hairspray, or cheaper energy or something and there were those ready to take advantage of that.  So why don't we, the consumers, take control of that cycle and support those willing to invest in trying to do things the right way.  It is a small action that can add up to a big influence.

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