Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dad Day

My dad, who passed away some years ago, was so important to me growing up.  He worked so hard to teach his children independent thought, intellectual honesty and love for one's fellow man through his words and deeds.  He went on to do the same with his grandchildren.  I never think of him without a warm feeling lighting up my day. I was fortunate enough to finally marry a man who brought all those special qualities and more to his dadship.

So we can all celebrate our wonderful dads, here's a quick round up from Etsy of Father's Day gift wrap, starting with some fun stamp action:

Talk to the Sun has great stamps you can use to make your own gift wrap.

What a great graphic choice from ThePerkyPainter in the UK!
Super Cute option with a great Dad Day tag. Awww.
FancifulChaos does the map gift wrap thing. So appropriate.

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