Monday, November 9, 2015

Etsy Monday LaViePeinte

I started out looking for Christmas wrapping for this Monday's Etsy shop, but as so often happens when I head there I followed a slight detour to some very different wrapping paper.

First of all there was Christmas, in the form of Christmas Dachshunds.

You have to admit that these dachshunds definitely say Christmas.

Next came the giraffes,

Jabu Giraffes

and my interest was well and truly caught.  Here is some of what Talia says about her work:

"Prior to emigrating from South Africa, I started La Vie Peinte which means ‘Life Painted’ in French. This name is rather apt based on the themes that run through my creations.

La Vie Peinte started off with custom/ bespoke chalk-painting, upcycling and repurposing of furniture and furnishings. I have since been extra busy with many creative projects and have added a number of product ranges to La Vie Peinte’s offering.

I believe that I am very expressive in my artwork, which can be attributed to my flare for combining various retro and modern vintage styles. You will notice that a fusion between these two themes, combined with my experiences and upbringing in South Africa, results in art pieces that display a distinctive taste for the quirky, yet stylish! I pour this and more into my work, and hence they truly become tangible expressions of 'Life Painted by Talia!’"

Well, I would agree on the basis of this fabulous pineapple paper:

pretty excellent shapes and colors here
 and when I saw the flamingos, it was all over.  I heart flamingos in a very profound way.

such a pretty design.
Let's finish with Talia's protea design.  I live in Florida, so I just had a big bunch of these on my dining table. They lasted forever and looked so sculptural.

Very pretty, very unique.

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