Sunday, January 8, 2017

Etsy Monday Favorite Story. Valentines and Calendars!

Valentine's Day is coming! Yay! I think a holiday that celebrates love is a fine idea right now. Empirically, so does Favorite Story, a pretty design shop based in Danville, CA.

Here's the "About" on the shop:

We all have stories to tell - love stories, birth stories, stories of triumph and faith. Favorite Story was designed to help tell those stories through the products and paper we use each day.
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Favorite materials
inky penspulpy papergauchewatercolornature  "

The designs are pretty, delicate and there are a lot of design elements I like -- palm leaves, tillandsia, ferns.

I have always loved faux bois.

Very Palm Springs, very Florida

Besides gift wrap, this pretty Birthday Calendar with Tillandsia illustrations is so pretty

Getting down to Valentine's Day, how's this for a great card for friends?

And finally, what caught my eye in the first place, this great Valentine's Day Wrap:

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