Thursday, June 2, 2016

Furoshiki My Way

I have been interested in Furoshiki for some time now. It is a Japanese form of gift wrapping, using fabric. The best explanation I have found for this was from this post at Style Blueprint:
Exhaustive article on furoshiki gift wrapping.
The video at the link above is really good, and makes it easy to recreate a number of nifty folds. I chose to copy the picture above, mainly because I could not get the folds as even as I wanted with the fabric I had.  There are beautiful fabrics you can buy designed for this, but you can also just use fabric you happen to have around.  With a birthday coming up too fast, that is what I did:

Furoshiki My Way
It's easy to tote around too!
So here are all the things I liked about Furoshiki:

1) Eco friendly.  Self explanatory.
2) Forgiving.  Fabric has more give than paper. I wrapped up 5 or 6 gifts in this parcel and was able to tuck things I had forgotten to include into the bundle easily.
3) A way to use up all the random scarves, fabric scraps etc. I cannot bear to get rid of.

And what I don't like:

1) There is just something more finished about wrapping with paper. It looks neater somehow.

This probably won't be the last time I use this method, and it sure did the trick for this birthday!

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