Sunday, May 8, 2016

Etsy Monday Wrapping from RubiaCraft, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

I love how international Etsy is. Hungary, the United Kingdom, such lovely things from all over the place.  I was taken with the blues and greens of the wrapping paper from RubiaCraft, a paper design shop in Hungary:

3 sheets size A3
Another choice
and another.
Here is what the shop owner says:

"draw. cut. touch. repeat
My name is Kondor Valéria, freelance visual artist.
I m behind the shop RubiaCraft.

I am fascinated with
block prints
organic compositions
freedom within structure
the fact that lino cutting and paper craft creates the art&image by removing pieces
the repeat patterns where the elements seem the same but they are not
the mis-registered prints where the color layers float under-above the outline.

I love making boxes. I design all of them myself, so you will not find the same elsewhere.

I have been in art for over twenty years, mostly in painting. Meanwhile I spent ten years in the animation industry as production manager, then returned to full time art."

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