Thursday, October 1, 2015

ultimate cuteness wrapping

I am dying here of cuteness overload. Check out the wrapping ideas I found today (edited to replace a broken link with a possibly even cuter gift wrap idea). :

Excellent Lark and Linen DIY pom pom tutorial.
Everything about the above is perfection - the colors, the twine, the pom pom. Oh the pom pom. Check out the Lark and Linen DIY on these pom poms. Very good.  Or, I could try this button, twine ribbon idea.

I could do that button threading thing they do here

I am jumping the gun a little on Christmas, but just check out that button closing on the gift bag! Can I pick them or what?

Buttons should go on everything
I reverse engineered the super cute button closing.  Here is how I think it was done:
 Materials: Twine, buttons, hot glue.
1) thread the twine as shown in picture
2) Hot glue top button to gift bag
3) Knot the twine under the bottom button
4) Hot glue the bottom button in place.

Anyone have a better idea of how it was done?

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