Friday, October 2, 2015


I saw this picture without a good explanation (or link to original page) and wanted to dissect the brilliance that it was.  This looks like someone slipped rubber bands around an old rolling pin to create a DIY stamp. Notice the paper wrapped around the rolling pin under the rubber bands which would technically make it possible to use a NEW rolling pin for this DIY. I loved this idea.

But then -- a hunt for rolling pin gift wrap opened up a new world for me.  This is not a new idea at all, I find and in fact there are many, many pictures of kids happily wrapping varieties of stuff around rolling pins to make gift wrap paper. And grownups talking seriously about rolling pin print making in videos showing how to do it. And so on. For example:

A more sophisticated take on this technique at this blog
Finished product!

So while I have missed out on the opportunity to give you any kind of original DIY gift wrap post, I did get on a roll covering the subject.

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