Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some Halloween DIY stuff

I am going to stay pretty basic for Halloween. We do up the front yard with toddlers in mind, and then I get out the big bowl loaded up with supermarket candy. I do throw in some Halloween stickers as a sop to my conscience (hard to process the idea I am giving large amounts of candy to small children!) but they are sort of shoved to the side as the kids dig for the good candy. Oh well.

Anyway, this is my confession I won't be partaking of these nifty ideas, at least this year, but who knows what 2016 will bring. It may take me a whole year to prepare!  And if I was going to go all out, here are some ways I might wrap:

Paper Glitter's Free Halloween Paper Download
This is Paper Glitter's design and free download.  She teamed up with some other folks for more cute stuff here. If you follow the above link you will find a great Halloween pattern you can download onto paper, bags, etc. with very good detailed instructions on how to print on the bags.

The thought of doing this for trick or treaters is exhausting. But you know, those googly eyes are strangely inspiring.
Googly eyes are just so cute. Lots more detailed instructions after the jump to Practically Functional, but basically:
1) Start with empty toilet paper tubes. (left over from tping the yard?)
2) Paint black.
3) Fold in the ends in the classic pillow box configuration.
4) Cut out some card stock in a bat shape.
5) glue card stock anfd googly eyes.

Another version of the googly eye bat guy. Love the fangs.  From itswrittenonthewall.
The folks at are really into Halloween, with a lot of treat bags and downloads for a Halloween party.

What is everyone else doing for Halloween?

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