Thursday, October 29, 2015

draw on your hidden talents.

What could be more personal than a hand-drawn image on gift wrapping?  I hear a lot of people say they can't draw, meaning I guess that their sketches aren't polished or professional looking.  I think that is emphatically not the point.  As a person with moderate skills or at least comfort with sketching/doodling/etc. I think one should just put pen (or pencil/marker/crayon) to paper until you come up with an image or design you like. It does not have to be perfectly executed or at a Picasso/DaVinci level for you to create something satisfying.  For example, my husband and I collaborated on a painting that has a prominent place in our living room.  He created a beautiful goldenrod venetian plaster background and I drew my version of a smiley face on it with some kind of craft store paint. It makes us both smile every time we look at it. Success!

Any kind of sketching basically involves looking at something, whether real life or not, and drawing what you see or want to see.  The possibilities for application to gift wrap seem endless! Here is some giftwrap sketch inspiration for you:

A wedding present?

hand drawn gift wrap for wedding presents
From CandyPopStyle
A gift for your love?

Think how cute this would be sketched on kraft or white paper
Warpandweft used some of her doodles as an inspiration for printed gift wrap paper.  You could too. Remember Spoonflower? It is pretty easy to come up with a repeating design through them that can go on fabric or gift wrap. Spend some time playing there.

Warp and weft
Are you a doodler?  Look how pretty your plain old scribbles can turn out!

Fair Ivy DIY Instructions
 or try this take on doodling, even simpler!!

Bonus points for the washi tape and photo gift tags!

Inspired by Charm

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