Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIY Gift Wrapping from dollar store and free printables

I have started my Christmas wrapping. My first package needs to go to my daughter, son-in-law and their family. So first, I did some scribbling, along the lines of what I talked about in this earlier post,

White Wrapping Paper
Dollar Store Glitter Glue
Dollar Store Ribbons
Print it yourself gift tags

I was loosely trying to do a Christmas tree, succeeded better on one than the other, but I still liked them both. I wrapped, scribbled with the glitter glue, glued on a simple knotted ribbon piece for each and used gift tags I had printed. Done.

Next, I tried using printable wrapping paper and gift tags along the lines of these posts:
 Free Printable Wrapping Paper  
What with white paper

8.5 x 11 printer paper
Glossy photo paper for the tags
Ribbons and glitter tape from the Dollar Store.
White wrapping paper.
Leftover glitter paper bats from Halloween
hole punch

The gift wrap I downloaded was from a french site,  hello hello.  When I printed, I made sure that the print settings put down maximum ink. One of the reasons I stuck with black and white is my inkjet wasn't doing so great with the colored versions.

I liked the reindeer antlers and the trees.

The paper I printed was 8.5 x 11, so works only on very small gifts. On a larger gift, I tried folding a band to go around the front, but ended up adding a couple different glitter ribbons and some glitter tape to hold down the edges of the band. Finally, I had some glittery cardboard bats that didn't survive Halloween that well so I cut them up to add some accents to the gift tags.

The tags I ended up using were from yourmarketingbff.com.. As mentioned before, I printed these on photo paper. They have a number of free designs, I started from this page because I found the tags from these pictures using the wrapping paper I had downloaded. 

Reindeers and Trees!

But ended up with this version which you can find for free in their shop:
And I'm Done.

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