Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift tag week

Gift tags! This week we are going to talk about gift tags. Free printable ones to start with. I tested each link to make sure you didn't end up in an endless loop.  These are beautiful designs by talented individuals. Let's start with a likely candidate for the season:

free printable gift tag
Follow the link, and scroll down to the easy PDF downloads
For those who love the look of letters:

free printable gift tag
Go here for download and instructions.

Decorator's Notebook likes to share, so use these and share them!

free printable gift tag

OK, speaking of Decorator's Notebook, this isn't exactly a free printable gift tag, but CAN YOU STAND IT? This idea is so, so good! Gingerbread gift tags! I want these!

gingerbread gift tag
Go here for the recipe and directions.

OK, back to business. Melissa Esplin designed a two sided number, so pretty.

free printable gift tag
Directions and download here.
free printable gift tag

And finally something sort of simple, but just right:

free printable gift tag
Design Corral.

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