Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spoonflower Halloween

I have not mentioned Spoonflower yet, which is quite the omission for anyone seriously covering gift wrapping.  Though I have to admit I felt silly typing "seriously covering gift wrapping", but you know what I  am trying to say -- if you are going to talk about DIY gift wrapping, you have to get to Spoonflower at some point.

daisy_boulevard design

Why, you may ask?  Here is how the Spoonflower folks describe what they do:
Choose a Design
Start with a design
Create your own design—just upload an image to get started.
— OR —
Choose a design from the Spoonflower Marketplace, where indie artists earn commissions from every sale.
Choose a Product
Choose a product
Apply your design to the fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap of your choice.
We Print to Order
We print it to order
We make each item just for you. After we print it, the Spoonflower team hand cuts, processes, and packs your order.
 You saw the gift wrap in there, right?  That is relatively new, Spoonflower started as fabric and expanded from there.  So here is where you can create your dream design, or do cutesie things with your initials or your name, or make a pillow out of your kid's face, or make or buy Halloween themed gift wrap.

Like this:
Argyle bugs, anyone? Here's where you go!

It gives you a wide variety of previews, so you can see scale.  For example, I love this creepy portrait  print.

Andrea Lauren design
But if I am worried about what it might look like on a box, there is this button you can click on "gift box" so you can sort of see how it would work.

 Lots more to come about Spoonflower from me, but do check it out for Halloween ideas!

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