Monday, September 21, 2015

Kid Wrap Week and Etsy Monday - the vegetable version

Two themes here.  For the week, I am going to show ways to wrap gifts for kids. For today's Etsy shop, we have  an unbelievably cute and quirky shop. ClaraandMacy is the name of the shop and also describes two imaginary little girls who do imaginary little girl things, as illustrated by Laura Clempson. There is a book, paper dolls and other stationery -- but "lettuce" not forget the wrapping (groan for the pun, I know) -- there is VEGETABLE wrapping! After seeing the lovely Clara and her world, it seems absolutely imperative I wrap things in carrots or maybe sprouts and parsnips. And okay, there is really cute daddy wrapping too.  I am starting a diet, so vegetables are a big thing for me right now. I can totally see myself wrapping up everything with these designs and particularly inflicting vegetables on every child I know.

Sprouts and Parsnips!
Write your own story for Daddy

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